ldr_largePassion for Innovation
LDR provides innovative products for both fusion and non-fusion surgery worldwide through partnerships with surgeons and sales people to help ensure successful and reproducible clinical results.

The LDR founders, executives, and local management teams have extensive spine industry experience as device designers, marketing and sales professionals, and general managers.  We know how critical it is to understand the clinical needs of the surgeon and the goals for the patient. LDR collaborates closely with highly respected spine surgeons around the world to understand, discuss, and challenge ideas in order to provide innovative solutions.

An Industry Success Story
Between 2002 and 2014, more than 100,000+ surgeries, including over 20,000 artificial disc implantations, were performed in over 26 countries worldwide using LDR’s innovative products. LDR attributes our early global success to a passion for developing optimum spinal surgery solutions and a strong commitment to excellence.

The Future
Looking ahead, LDR will continue to focus on answering surgeon needs and striving for sound global expansion.



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