Mobi-C Cervical Disc Replacement:

Mobi-C is leading the way in the next generation of cervical discs and is the result of collaboration with surgeons experienced in cervical athroplasty over the past 15 years.

Over 20,000 have been implanted and Mobi-C is the only disc with a single and multi-level 300 patient RCT.

The new plug and fit implant ensures ease of use whilst maintaining control. The surgical technique is as straightforward as that of a traditional cervical cage.


The semi constrained self-centering insert allows the implant to move naturally as the spine extends, flexes and rotates, which gives back to the treated segment its natural physiological movement.

The implant has two small lateral fins on each endplate to assist fixation and two posts on the inferior endplate to stop subluxation.

The instruments have been designed to give the surgeon precise millimetre AP control when inserting the implant. This ensures the disc can never be put too far posteriorly.

The recent Mobi-C prospective randomised IDE study successfully established:

  • In one level – Mobi C is non-inferior to ACDF
  • In two level – Mobi C is superior to ACDF



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