SMS (Stabilise with Motion Support):

SMS is a lumbar stabilisation implant designed to stabilise the spine, off-load the pressure on the disc and restore the normal biomechanics to the segment.

The patent pending SMS (Stabilise with Motion Support) device and instruments have been developed to make the implant as safe and easy to use as possible.

It is much more than an interspinous spacer, that simply opens up the foramen, and is indeed a lumbar stabilisation system that works in both flexion and extension.


Features & Benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Threaded hole in implant allows positive attachment
  • Needed attached to suture for easy pass through interspinous ligament
  • End of braid stiffened for easy feed through the implant gate
  • Locking gates attached
  • Black lines indicate cutting position
  • Main body made from BaSO4 filled peek means the implant can be seen under X-Ray
  • Simple and easy to use instrumentation


  • Recurrent disc herniation
  • Stabilisation following massive herniated disc
  • Stabilisation following lumbar decompression for spinal stenosis
  • Chronic low back pain due to isolated disc disease.
  • Topping off above a lumbar fusion
  • Isolated disc disease following positive discogram

The SMS fills a therapeutic void that formerly existed between conservative treatment and fusion or disc replacement.



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