Sterispine Curved Lumbar TLIF Cage

The Sterispine curved lumbar TLIF cage has been designed to be as easy to insert as possible. The cage has a tapered nose to allow simple insertion into the smallest disc space and has grooves to allow exact final positioning. The completely disposable instrument set provides the surgeon will all the shavers, curettes and trials that they need.


  • Large bone graft cavity with anterior and posterior side holes enables graft vascularization
  • Bullet nose allows for easy insertion
  • Teeth enable a better fixation of the implant
  • Lordosis (4°) to restore the sagittal balance
  • Anatomic shape in conformity with TLIF insertion
  • Various heights to fit patients anatomy
  • Minimal widths to facilitate the insertion in surgery with small opening
  • PEEK material for:-biocompatibility, radiolucency and bone / implant interface improvement


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