SteriSpine Pedicle Screw:

QSpine are proud to launch SteriSpine PS from Safe Orthopaedics. SteriSpine PS is the result of 10 years work from an experienced spinal engineering team that has resulted in the world’s first pedicle screw system with disposable sterile instrumentation.


SteriSpine is a revolution in spinal surgery. It is a unique Single Use Pedicle Screw System which can be used for open, MIS or percutaneous surgery with fully disposable instruments, delivering a range of benefits:

  • Full Traceability
    Instruments and implants are fully traceable, creating a safer process for patients and reducing risk for hospitals and surgeons
  • Eliminate Pre-Op Costs
    Pre-op handling, wrapping and sterilization is eliminated, creating a more cost-effective processfor the hospital
  • Surgical Technique Flexibility
    Universal instrument kit provides everything necessary for openand MIS surgical techniques
  • Always Surgery Ready
    Instruments and implants are always clean, sterile, in perfect calibration and surgery-ready ata moment’s notice, increasing OR staff efficiency
  • Always New
    Sealed, sterile kits are always complete with never used before instrumentation,eliminating the risk of damaged,unclean or missing instruments
  • Fast OR Turnaround
    Lightweight, sterile and traceable kits enhance OR team efficiency by eliminating replenishment and processing delays between cases
  • Eliminate Post-Op Costs
    Post-op handling, cleaning and decontamination is eliminated, creating a more cost-effective process for the hospital
  • Eliminate Cross-Contamination Risk
    Single-use and sterile instrument kit eliminates the risk of instrument cross-contamination
  • Procedural Efficiency
    Pre-loaded screw and set screw assemblies create a more simple and efficient OR experience

Hospitals finally have a choice: Continue using outdated traditional pedicle screw systems – or experience the SteriSpine PS Pedicle Screw System that is always clean and sterile, always complete and in calibration, and ready at a moment’s notice.

The SteriSpine PS Pedicle Screw System from Safe Orthopaedics completely eliminates many of the drawbacks from traditional systems with its unique single-use design. This offers decided advantages for the surgeon, hospital and patient by significantly reducing cost, heightening patient and staff safety and enhancing efficiency. State-of-the-art technology provides for superior patient care, while enhancing the surgeon/hospital relationship to better manage resources and achieve significant cost savings.



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