QSpine, a leading innovator in the field of medical equipmentprimarily in the area of spinal surgery, has recently taken a significant positive step to become an IP rich development and manufacturing company following the disposal of its UK direct sales force to Safe Orthopaedics, previously its supplier of Sterispine product.

This transformational deal sees QSpine focussed on the development and commercialisation of its new product, the SURE™ retractor system.

SURE™ is a single use, sterile radiolucent retractor for surgery and is the first product in what will soon become a range of procedure specific retractors offering patients and surgeons significant benefits over traditional metal, reusable retractor systems.  As part of the deal Safe Orthopaedics become the sole distributor of the SURE™ system in France and will promote it in the UK.

QSpine’s SURE™ retractor has recently obtained the CE mark and is now commercially available. The SURE™ system consists of a single-use, sterile radiolucent retractor, offering surgeons genuine benefits – in both technical and economic terms – to traditional reusable products, while also offering a novel integrated illumination option.

The radiolucent blades mean the retractor does not block the x-ray image and the surgeon can clearly see the key anatomical structures. In addition, because it is supplied sterile it is always available, helping avoid delays in theatre, cancellation of procedures and eliminates possible cross contamination from previous patients.

Alan Lawson, CEO of QSpine, further explained;

“I believe this is a major milestone in realising our strategic vision for QSpine.  This deal allows the company to focus on the further development and exploitation of its innovative product portfolio.  The unique SURE™ retractor is ready to transform the market in safe, sterile retractors with the added benefits of radiolucency and optional integrated illumination.

In addition, QSpine will continue to manufacture and distribute its SMS product for spinal stabilisation and will soon launch a revised product for use as an adjunct to spinal fusion.  The company will apply for a 510K in the US this year, which will allow the company to access the much larger market for fusion procedures.”

In a reciprocal deal Safe Orthopaedics will become the sole distributor of the SURE™ system in France and will promote it in the UK market using the direct sales force acquired from QSpine.

Commenting on this, Pierre Dumouchel, CEO and co-founder of Safe Orthopaedics said;

“We are very interested in promoting QSpine’s single-use radiolucent retractor technology, which will be an excellent fit with our product range.”